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Matthew Salazar,
Firearms Instructor at Phoenix Weaponry TTP

BIO: His marksmanship skills and love for shooting began with the teachings of his father a former Marine. This laid the foundation for a lifelong passion for firearms, training and instructing. He retired after over 20 years of Honorable service four in the U.S. Army and over sixteen as an U.S. Marine. In this time he was deployed in combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since then he has begun to instruct civilians in basic and intermediate levels of marksmanship and weapons familiarization as well as refresher. He is happily married and has three children of ages twelve and seven; they enjoy the outdoors and are future gun enthusiasts as well.

Qualifications: Infantry Unit Leader, Combat Instructor, Mountain Warfare Instructor, Formal Schools Instructor, Formal Schools Curriculum Developer, Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor, NRA Instructor, and NRA Basic Pistol Instructor.

Our Goal: as the Instructor staff at Phoenix Weaponry is to give you a training that is sound; tried and true in order to help you develop the “prepared mindset” that will translate throughout the whole of your life. This mindset will allow you to travel about your day and act or react appropriately when and if an austere situation occurs. There is a good majority of people in our society that want only to do well and live their lives in harmony. There are on the other hand those few that would seek to do harm for self-gain or out of some sort of agenda. This is why we exist, to ensure that you have the training for those sorts of people and situations.

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