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Tip Top Rifle Bi Pod

Tip Top


Phoenix Weaponry offers TipTop® brand bipods and stocks the Series 7-10"N, 7-10", 6-9"N, and 6-9" models. Series-V, Series-VII bipods add the EZpan™ feature on top of the EZlevel™ / Pivot feature introduced in Series-V. Once the bipod is adjusted and leveled, the rifle can be panned left and right to track targets and game.

The EZlevel™ feature allows the shooter to adjust their weapon for uneven terrain by pivoting(leveling) up to 34 degrees.

The EZpan™ feature allows the shooter to pan/rotate their weapon horizontally up 40 degrees in each direction.

The combination of these features grant maximum flexibility and versatility to your shooting experience. Series-IX bipods add the QuikLok™ feature on top of EZlevel™/Pivot and EZpan™(if selected) features. The Series-IX QuikLok™ system is an integrated Picatinny rail mount, so if your weapon has a Picatinny rail there is no more need for an adapter.