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Phoenix Weaponry Hand Stop


Phoenix Weaponry Hand Stop

Designed to be work with Phoenix WeaponryUltra lightweight, free-floating, modular hand guards and gives you the option to install it where you need it. Being able to place your hand back on the hand-guard every time in the same place will help build muscle memory and retain your shooting style. Made for the webbing of your hand to rest up against with a light texture on the end to keep your hand from slipping off. Comes with an integrated QD mount in the end to be used in combination with slings. The mounting base of the hand stop is contoured specifically to fit Phoenix Weaponry hand-guards.

Rifle versions are for 2-inch diameter hand-guards,

Carbine style fits 1-3/4 inch or 2 inches  "over-the-suppressor" sized hand-guard. 

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